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Passion. Drive. Dedication. Focused solely on helping you move and feel well.

     Andrew Kubosumi, DC (Dr. Kubo) is a chiropractic physician based in Mesquite, TX., as well as a licensed EMT-B in the Dallas Regional Medical Center emergency department.

     Dr. Kubo primarily focuses on helping each individual patient overcome their pain and symptoms by figuring out their underlying causes and then teaching ways to correct and prevent continued/future problems.

"I believe in patient centered care. This means that care will be focused and tailored specifically to your needs and you'll be heavily involved in the process. Each patient is different, so why would I treat you exactly the same as everyone else? It's my hope to help you become confident and capable in your own personal healthcare."

- Dr. Kubo

"Hands down the best Chiropractor I’ve ever seen.

He’s a doctor that actually listens to you and will design your treatment around YOU. He also sends you home with self care homework.
Bonus! Ask him to tell you a joke!"

- Lynn McCoy, Google Review

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