Let's Be Crystal Clear. You Can Expect Nothing But Transparency In Our Clinic.

There are no tricks. No tactics. Plain and simple, what you see is what you get.

Every patient in our clinic is treated exactly how we ourselves would want and expect to be treated. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Want to know what working with us is like? Keep reading below.

Keeping It Simple

We do not accept most medical insurances. We do accept Medicare and PRIME Health EPO. We accept FSA, HSA, debit, credit, cash, and check. We may also accept motor vehicle accident claims through auto insurance and/or PIP. 


A new patient visit may cost anywhere between $80-170 depending on what needs to happen. It may even be more or less if it's particularly complex or considerably straightforward. A follow-up visit generally costs $65-75, but may be more or less depending on what all needs to be done.


You get what you pay for. If you want to understand why this is how we do things, please keep reading. Otherwise, there are other clinics around that may charge you considerably less...and there's usually a reason for it.

What Can You Expect From Us?

  • Personalized care: You will not be treated the same as everyone else. Care will be personalized to your specific needs and goals. Period. You will also not be getting the same treatment every time you come in and hope that "it'll work with time." As you progress and improve, your therapy changes to further challenge you.

  • Efficient care: We will not "sell" you into a long treatment plan. Generally, I can tell you within 3-4 visits whether or not I'll be able to help you achieve your goals. If I don't think you're responding well enough by visit 3-4, then I'll let you know and we'll take appropriate action. Every situation is different, but I'm not here to waste time and money. I strive to provide value and results in a timely manner.

  • Effective care: We utilize current best practice standards based on recent research. Why on earth would I treat your condition the same way it was done 30 years ago? Current research suggests that self-management education, physical rehab/exercise, and manual therapy (adjustments, myofascial therapy, etc) be paired together (when appropriate) for the best results. We don't only adjust. You're here to get better, so we're going to teach you what you can and need to do in order to do so. 

What Do We Expect From You?

  • Communication: Believe it or not, we can't read your mind. The better you communicate with us, the better we can serve you. If you have concerns, you need to tell us. If you have questions, you need to ask. If something comes up and you can't make an appointment, have the decency to let us know. If you're not happy, then help us learn and grow by having a conversation. If you're super happy, let us know so we can keep up the good work! I can't help that which I don't know, so speak up!

  • Effort:  I'm going to be plain and simple. If you're expecting me to "cure" you without any effort on your part, you might as well go somewhere else. I want to help you become independent and capable of managing your health. You will be asked to work on home exercises. You will be given little "assignments" to get better. You will work. If you have no intention of being a participant in these efforts I'll say it again, go somewhere else.

  • Honesty: This ties in with the communication point above. I've got nothing to hide from you. If you want me to help you my best, then I need you to be completely honest with me about everything. Simple. 

Does This Sound Fair To You? Are You Interested In Working Together As A Team Regarding Your Healthcare Needs?

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Common Topics And Questions That Come Up:

  • Do you accept my Insurance?  

    • Answer: Generally, No. There are currently 2 exceptions. We are participating providers for Medicare Part B and we are preferred providers for PRIME Healthcare which is the insurance provided to employees of Dallas Regional Medical Center, Dallas Medical Center, and Dallas Physician Medical Group. You are, however, welcome to try and submit claims to your own medical insurance company if you feel like you have out of network benefits.
  • Why don't you accept more insurance plans?

    • Answer: Insurance companies specify and limit what services they're willing to cover. Because of this, the patient usually only gets the services that are covered and not necessarily the services they need to get better. Also, none of this even takes into consideration the complexities and variability of co-insurance, deductibles, copays, etc. We choose to avoid insurance as much as possible because we want to provide the best quality care possible without the insurance company trying to govern how we treat you. Keep in mind that using insurance does not always result in cheaper healthcare costs. Believe it or not, seeing us 6 times without insurance may possibly be more affordable than using your insurance 20 times at another clinic. You get what you pay for.
  • What does it cost to be seen at your clinic?

    • Answer: Unless you are insured by one of the two groups listed above, you will be considered a "selfpay" patient. A new selfpay patient can expect the first visit to be somewhere between $120 - 170. On average, follow-up visits usually range between $50 - 100. For more involved cases, it may be an even higher cost per visit. It all depends on what specifically needs to be done to help you effectively and efficiently reach your goals. Keep in mind, our clinic is not a 3 minutes in and out type of clinic. You will usually spend 20-60 minutes directly with the doctor each appointment. We believe in quality. If it's your preference, there are other clinics out there where you can spend $30 per visit for <2 minutes of care.
  • Do you take car wreck or personal injury cases?

    • Answer: It depends. We are happy to work with people involved in car accident or injury cases because they need help too. However, we will never engage in questionable or unethical practices that sometimes occur with these cases. If we are given opportunity to adequately speak with the involved attorney, or patient if no attorney is involved, then we may choose to accept or decline the case. We will often work with the auto insurance directly regarding medical claims.
  • How many visits will I have to come it?

    • Answer: All patients are treated according to their needs based on history and examination. The recommendations we give will be constantly updated based on your progression, or lack thereof. We will give you an initial recommended trial of care. If you respond well to treatments provided in clinic, and you're good about doing your home exercise assignments, then you may be done sooner than you know. We've had patients released from care in as little as 1-2 visits, while others may need a bit longer. What you will never hear us tell you is that "you need 3x/wk for 12 weeks and another 2x/wk for 6 weeks, etc. You can pay in advance for a discount." 
  • I didn't get better after my first visit, is chiropractic going to actually help me?

    • Answer: Let's be rational here. The neck pain and headaches that you have had for the past 3 months likely won't be "cured" after one visit. That chronic back pain that's been going on for 3 years now, won't just magically disappear. There is not a "secret adjustment" that can resolve your popping/grinding shoulder in a day. A majority of musculoskeletal problems require work to be done. Muscles need to be strengthened. Movement patterns need to be corrected and improved. Bad habits need to be broken. On occasion, one visit may be all you need. More commonly, it'll take some repetition and work to make noticeable progress. However, this is why we utilize an initial "trial of care." We want to make sure that you're responding positively to care and we make adaptations as necessary. If we complete a reasonable trial of care and little to no progress is made, we'll help you find the right healthcare provider that may be able to help you more effectively. If you give up after one visit because you weren't "cured," good luck to you. Quality results take a quality effort. You chose to take the easy road.

Have Any Questions That You Don't See Above? Let Us Know!

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