Pregnancy Is No Cake Walk

Chiropractic can help ease the pains experienced during pregnancy.

     No one said growing a human was going to be a walk in the park. Fortunately, we can help you continue to be physically active enough to still be able to literally 'take a walk in the park.'

     You know first hand that your body is going through many changes while the baby develops, and it has a whole different set of challenges after the baby is delivered. With extra focus on supporting proper joint stability and muscle strength, much of the pains associated with pregnancy can be reduced. 

     Our prenatal and postpartum patients are treated in ways specifically tailored to their needs.

  • Joint manipulation (adjustments) are performed as needed. Thanks to proper equipment it can be performed in ways that are comfortable for each expectant mother. You may even simply enjoy being able to lie face down without all the pressure on your abdomen.
  • Tissue therapy is focused on reducing soreness and discomforts that often develop as your muscles are adapting and/or healing.
  • Physical rehabilitation is tailored to helping you maintain and/or regain strength and stability in your movement. Proper conditioning before birth may assist your body in handling such a demanding event. Rehab after birth will play a vital role in helping you gradually return to your normal functional levels.
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Chiropractic for Kids

Kids have joints and muscles too, right? 


     Pediatric chiropractic care can be a beneficial option for those kids that never seem to run out of energy. Bouncing off the walls, belly flopping off the couch, and wrestling in the living room takes a toll on their bodies as well. Luckily, kids tend to be very straight forward with regards to musculoskeletal care. They haven't had years of bad habits and bodily changes to complicate things. Simple and safe evaluation and treatment is available when they push things a little too far. This can help them get right back to laughing, playing, and enjoying life like they should.  

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