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Google Search: Best Chiropractor Near Me?

     Let's face it. We've all likely used Google at some point. It's just so darn handy at finding the information we're looking for when we want it most. Need a Mexican restaurant nearby? Here's 15 different ones within a 15 mile radius. Need a dentist? Here are the nearest 30 based on your location. Google is a web engine that utilizes various algorithms to present you with information closest to the search words you utilized. That being said, is it able to tell you which business/service is actually the best option for your needs?

The Search

     A chiropractor is a healthcare specialist that focuses on diagnosing and treating neuromusculoskeletal (nerve - sciatica/radiculopathy/etc, muscle, and skeletal/joint) conditions/complaints. Most people think of back pain when considering a chiropractor, but in reality we evaluate and treat so much more than that. If I had something I thought I should see a chiropractor about, I might find myself consulting with Google to find the "best one." 

     I currently live in Mesquite, TX. When I Google search "best chiropractor near me," the search results includes 19 different clinics/providers, and that's just in the maps listings. We all know that generally we pick something on the first Google page. The first couple of clinics mentioned on page one aren't even in Mesquite! Why? Businesses can opt to pay for ads that get prioritized viewing. So, out of all the listings given, which one is best for me?

What Matters

     Regardless of reviews and Google rankings, how are you supposed to know which clinic you should go to? Non-specific answer: It truly depends on your individual needs. It's fairly common knowledge that there are a number of different medical specialties such as primary care, cardiology, pediatrics, etc. Chiropractic has specialties as well, though it's not always as clear cut. Some chiropractors specialize and focus on specific types of cases. Others will take just about anything under the sun. If you want to find a chiropractor that will best take care of your specific needs, ask them questions! See if they offer free consults. Call or email and put your mind at ease. There's only one way to truly find out for yourself and it takes a little effort on your part. It's better to make the effort and avoid a terrible and/or expesive situation, right? 

Doctor Kubo

     I'm a chiropractor in Mesquite. Am I the best option for you? It depends. I will honestly admit that I will not always be the best choice for certain people, nor do I even like working with certain types of cases.

     My chiropractic clinic is NOT a good choice for you if:

  • You're just looking to get "cracked."
  • You're seeking care for non nerve, muscle, joint/bone complaints.
  • You're looking for the cheapest care you can find.
  • You're with an attorney for a car accident. (We do treat auto injuries, but a discussion will need to be had first if an attorney is involved.)
  • You just want me to "fix" you without any effort on your part.

     I love working with active people. "Active" knows no age or gender. It simply references people that love to move, be engaged, exercise, work, play, have hobbies, etc.. If you consider yourself an "active" person, I will happily help you to the best of my ability. If you are willing to put the work in, do your home exericses, take initiative, etc., then I will be right by your side the whole way.

My chiropractic clinic IS a good choice for you if:     

  • You're willing to put in time and effort to actually get better.
  • You love to move and be active. 
  • You like to ask questions and have engaged conversations regarding your health. 
  • You're an athlete, dancer, or active kid/adult/senior.
  • You were involved in an auto accident and would like to recover and get back to normal daily activities.


I've teamed up with athletes, dancers, blue collar workers, veterans, and so many more to properly address movement related conditions.

If you're willing to work together as teammates, I'm confident I can help you one way or another.


Let me know if you have any questions by emailing:

Dr. Andrew Kubosumi

Dr. Andrew Kubosumi

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