Dancer injuries in the hip, knees, and foot-ankle

Back in April 2019, Pointe Magazine published a brief post summarizing common risk factors for hip, knee, and ankle/foot injuries in elite-level dancers. The findings were based on analysis of studies throughout the prior 11 years. While they didn't specifically identify which studies were included, I've found nothing but concurring results within the many studies that I've read myself.

5 common risk factors were identified:

1. Alignment issues
2. Poor movement control in the lower back and pelvis
3. Incorrect contraction of the deepest abdominal muscles
4. Weakness in the lower extremities
5. Insufficient aerobic fitness

Guess what? All 5 of these can be easily identified and addressed. Many of these are issues I commonly work on in the clinic. Others, I know are issues commonly addressed in the studio during practice sessions.

Over the next several weeks, I hope to take some time and cover each of these points so that dancers of all kinds may benefit from it. Lower extremity injuries are some of the most encountered troubles in the dance community. Why not try and prevent as much of it as possible?

Together, we can learn to move and live healthier lives.

Stay tuned!

Dr. Andrew Kubosumi

Dr. Andrew Kubosumi

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